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Scandal - Olitz - What a Rollercoaster Ride

I have watched all of the episodes to the show and I have gone through so many emotions concerning this show, the ups, the downs, the tears, the fights, and craziness.  I have battled on other message boards the love story of Olivia and Fitz and why I continue to support them. I have fought with fans concerning Dark/Alcoholic Fitz.  I have fought about Olivia not taking a chance on love and throwing caution to the wind to be with a very married Fitz who happens to be the President of the United States.

I will admit that Fitz has been an azzhole these last few episodes; however, I get it. Here is a man who did not want to attend his 50th Birthday and was shot in the head and almost died.  Fitz was a man who was shot by Mellie and had a role in his attempted assassination until Verna revealed her evil self that she was responsible for him almost dying.  After having a near death experience, it was his wake up call that the one thing he wanted most was Olivia and he was willing to sacrifice. Olivia, on the other hand, was dealing with the possibility of losing the love of her life, while trying to hold the White House together and deal with her former Senator Fiancé who asked her to marry him.

The scene that stands out for me is the one where Olivia is meeting with Cyrus and she even hints to Cyrus that it may be best for them to tell Fitz the truth before it comes out but they didn’t get the chance to do because of the cold piece Verna. So, Fitz once again begs her to wait for him and not marry Edison. Olivia doesn’t agree but says she will think about it. Fast Forward, Fitz finding out that the woman he loves was involved with the rigged election, which is kind of ironic that Fitz did not go back to the week before when he called Olivia and she was distraught. The week where he told her about the divorce and Olivia told him that he didn’t know her that perhaps she should move to the country, have some babies, and make some jam, which totally threw Fitz for a loop because it was not the woman he had fallen in love with him.

So, we get Olivia at the altar telling Fitz that she will wait for him no matter how LONG it will take him to resolve his issues with Mellie when Fitz, who had just killed Verna and was still devastated over the truth about Defiance and her role in it. He kicked her to the curb and went back to Mellie because he felt betrayed and hurt. It was not because he was in love with Mellie but hurt by the fact that Olivia’s involvement was a blow to him.

Now, we have two people who have screwed up along the way because neither of them is willing to communicate. I am not willing to blame one more than the other when both of them are being idiots. I’m an equal opportunity basher.  Right now, the biggest issue for both of them is the truth. I thought it was telling that after 10 months, Olivia was the one to put it together that he must knew about Defiance. Yet, instead of going to Fitz and telling him her side of story, she told Cyrus who told Mellie, who crafted a story to save her own azz.  

She shows up at the Church as Ella’s godmother and the chemistry is still blazing for them. During the reception, while James is making a toast, he can’t keep his eyes off Olivia and she can barely look at him.  After not being able to be in the room any longer, she leaves. Fitz soon follows and he snatches her up to the closet for Angry Sex. Afterwards, Olivia decides to come clean about Defiance but it a day late and a dollar short because she wasn’t able to tell Fitz why she did it. I hate that they cut the scene where Fitz looks back at her after he has told her that she was just a hit it and quit it; yet, he could barely get those words out.

 I should hate both of them but I can’t. I know fans are upset that Fitz has her under surveillance but I’m not surprised.  The one thing that I got from Jake last week was his comment about Secret Service Tom hooking him up to do the surveillance and in the three years (hello, prior to this latest surveillance) that he had been in the office twice in one week.  I’m willing to bet that Jake was the one who took the pictures of Edison and Olivia for Fitz. If I recall correctly, Tom was the one who gave Fitz those photos and why he was having conniptions during treegate because the thought of another man with Olivia drives the man bonkers.  I actually think this is going to be a good thing that Fitz is watching her.

 The other thing that Jake mentioned that I don’t remember anyone bringing up was the fact that it seems like Olivia was involving herself in something that could be dangerous.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Fitz surveillance will be the thing to save Olivia if Osborne decides to come after her if he thinks that she knows too much about him being the mole.

 I guess for me, the only problem I have with Fitz is his drinking. He needs to put the brown booze down. It is just upping his anxiety.  I would love for Olivia and Fitz to have a few episodes where they can just be happy but this is a drama where happiness for any extended period of time becomes boring. I am looking forward to the coming weeks leading up to the season Finale and hopefully, a renewal for Season Three.

I guess after years of watching Primetime Serials and Daytime soaps, I’m ready for whatever Shondaland toss my way.  Neither Fitz nor Olivia has been doing great these last few weeks but based on the scenes from Last week, it is clear they are both deeply in love with each other. I am just giddy in seeing all of the twists and turns for this couple to finally be together which I don’t think it is going to happen anytime in the near future. However, I do think with Fitz running for reelection, Olivia and Cyrus will be working together to get Fitz reelected for a 2nd term. Now, my friends that should be something else if Olivia has to work with Fitz on this 2nd campaign, which I think could be hotter than anything that we’ve seen the last two seasons.

 AS an Olitz fan, I say let the games begin! Also, sorry for the long ramble but like I stated, this is my outlet to ramble about nothing LOL